Default: Farmer/Herdsmen/Fisherman, Poor
Divine Gifts: single magic abilities

CULTURE (Background): Viking (Dane,Geat,Norse,Rus,Svear)

01-05 Criminal or Exile | Viking Rank: Outlaw | Beggar, Magician, Outlaw, Seer, Shaman, Sorcerer, Brigand/Thief

06-25 Slave | Viking Rank: Thrall, Leysing | Craftsman, Farmer, Fisherman, Herdsman

26-80 Peasant | Viking Rank: Karl, Bondi, Hauldr | Craftsman, Farmer, Fisherman, Herdsman, Hunter, Huskarl, Skald, Trader, Warrior

81-100 Noble | Viking Rank: Landsmann, Styraesmen, Jarl | Explorer, Noble, Godi

pre-gens (6): trader, huskarl, skald, karl farmer, thrall herdsman, seeress
possession: viking ship

A band of Vikings: If they are related, they’d belong to a family, clan, or tribe, in that order depending on their ascending size.

Greenland Main exports: Walrus ivory, furs, seal skins, wool, whale oil

Common Steading Professions:
Farmer (barley, rye, oats, beans, cabbage)
Herdsman (cattle, sheep, goat, pigs) (fjord horses, dogs, cats)
Hunter (furs and meat from land and sea animals)

Household Professions (principally women’s domain):
Weaver (sails, clothes, blankets),
Potter (clay cooking pots, bowls, cups, lamps, bottles, jugs),

Skilled Craftsman Professions:
Builder (architect, masonry),
Wood Carver (furniture, bowls, plates, buckets, engravings),
Leather Worker (belts, pouches, shoes, clothes, rope),

Master Craftsman Professions:

Uncommon Professions:
Trader (merchant)

Martial Professions:

Mystical Professions:
Skald – Lorekeeper, Bard
Witch – Seidr, Witchcraft
Wizard/Sorcerer – Rune Carving
Seer – Spa, Divination
Shaman – Spirit Magic, Shape-shifting

Specialized Skills:
Navigation (stars, sun, winds, currents)
Performance (dance, song, poetry)
Herbalism (recognizing useful plants for healing, animal and insect repellents, spices, dyes, teas, soaps)
Ivory/Bone Carving (walrus tusk and whale teeth for jewelry and household items)

Shield Maiden (Viking Warrior Women). A woman who tried to act like a man would be heavily censured, possibly punished under the laws of the thing for transgressing gender roles. To a man, the idea of being attacked by a weapon wielding woman whilst he himself was forbidden by good manners to strike back was an anathema. Unless playing a fantasy or mythical campaign, women who become shield maidens should suffer social restrictions or be unable to hold any personal status. Such reproaches may even affect their family, causing relations to suffer a loss of status in the community.

Many of the sagas and historical documents recounting the Vikings suggest that they were often men of unusual strength, size and beauty in comparison with their contemporaries from other parts of Europe. This was probably due to their healthier diet and lifestyle. Rural living in isolated steadings helped too, since diseases, which often stunted growth, tended to be rife in towns and cities.

Dice Average
STR 3D6+3 14
CON 3D6 11
SIZ 2D6+9 16
DEX 3D6 11
INT 2D6+6 13
POW 3D6 11
CHA 3D6 11
Combat Actions 2
Damage Modifier +1D2
Magic Points 11
Movement 8m
Strike Rank +12

1D20 Hit Location AP/HP
1–3 Right Leg –/6
4–6 Left Leg –/6
7–9 Abdomen –/7
10–12 Chest –/8
13–15 Right Arm –/5
16–18 Left Arm –/5
19–20 Head –/6

Common Skill Bonuses: Athletics +10%, Brawn +10%, Culture (Own) +30%, Lore (Regional) +30%, Resilience +10%. Select One: Dance, Drive (sled), Ride, Sing +10%
Combat Styles: Select 2 and gain a +10% in each
Advanced Skill Bonuses: Boating, Craft (any), language (native), skiing. Select One: Craft (other), healing, Language (any), Play Instrument, Poetry, Shiphandling

Close Combat: Axe, Club, Daneaxe, Glaive (Atgeirr), Knife, Shield, Shortsword (Seax), Spear, Sword, Unarmed
Ranged Combat: Axe, Bow, Sling, Spear, Thrown Stone

New Skills: gaming, poetry, skiing


Altmaria Greipr