#Ashen Veil – Seeker of immortality willing to do anything to find it.
#The Awakeners – A group within the Magocracy who are ignoring the bans on Golem creation and seek to relearn Golem creation.
#Cult of the Bear God – The Vendahl bear cult. Many believe it does not exist, but they do. Most believe the Vendahl are too tribal to have such a large and unified religion, they are wrong.
#The Gray League – A consortium of traders and merchants who want complete domination of Rassilon’s trade market.
#Guardians of the Wild – Elves who believe in the total collapse of human civilization.
#Iceblades – A group of pro-Hellfrost assassins who seek out clerics or mages who use fire spells as their targets. Anything that promotes the cold and denies heat and flame is their goals.
#Justiciary – Highly secret group of mage-haters.
#The Order of Twelve – A group of twelve senior heahwisards whose goal is to gain more power and depose of the Mage-King.
#Puppeteers – A secret organization that attempts to be the true power behind every person in power. They pretend to be advisors or councilors all while moving things to bolster the Puppeteers power.
#Reclaimers – A group of Anari who seek to restore their once great empire.
#Seekers of the Black Key – Lorekeepers who seek the key to the Demongate. They have been promised much when the demons have been returned.
#Sisters of Mercy – Free healthcare healers who actually are building support for the evil deity Vali.
#The Sons of Man – Cult who believe all the gods are evil. The actively try to remove the gods influences from the world.
#The Swords of Justice – Vigilantes who go above the law to do what they “think” is right.
#The Velvet Shackle – Slavers, with the monopoly on slavery in Hellfrost.

Founded centuries ago, the Iron Guild began as a mercenary company known as the Iron Hand. After the numerous small wars which followed the Blizzard War, the Hand offered its services to the merchants of Bridgewater and Drakeport. The Hand grew wealthy, expanded, and changed its name to something less militant. Guild protected caravans don’t come cheap, but the Guild has an excellent reputation and issues swift punishments to members who desert their post or steal from their merchant employers. These days the Guild has major offices in every town and mercantile port and can call on several thousand soldiers. Guild soldiers are paid by merchants and receive no wages from the Guild. Every member pays 10% of their earnings to the Guild, which is in effect a finder’s fee. The current Guild headquarters is in Drakeport, though there are plans to relocate to Halfway.

In order to ensure knowledge could never be entirely lost, a group of sages and skalds formed the Lorekeepers,a society of historians, archivists, and treasure hunters. The organization numbers barely 200 souls. Lorekeepers travel the land, looking for ancient scrolls and texts, copying them, and handing copies to their colleagues for safe keeping. The destruction of much of the land’s history in the Blizzard War taught these learned men not to put all their scrolls in one basket. Although basically scholars, the Lorekeepers have been known to use extreme methods to retrieve scrolls from the few private collectors around. They aren’t foolish enough to go up against the Convocation or Lord Draconov, and instead pay for access to their archives.

The Sisterhood is an order of healers based primarily in the town of Sanctuary, which they founded. They have a small aid station in Aslov’s Tent Town and in Hellfrost Keep and have plans to establish Healing Houses in Drakeport, Halfway, and Ravensburg in the near future. Founded by Mother Felise, an elderly Anari, the Sisters (all are female) are master healers, learned in the ways of herbalism, bone setting, midwifery, dentistry, and so forth.


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