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pre-gens (6): trader, huskarl, skald, karl farmer, thrall herdsman, seeress
possession: viking ship
Knarr for hazardous crossing of the Atlantic. Carried 20-30 people (10-15 pair of oar holes). It was primarily used to transport trading goods like walrus ivory, wool, timber, wheat, furs and pelts, armour, slaves, honey, and weapons. It was also used to supply food, drink, and weapons and armour to warriors and traders along their journeys.

Newfoundland Site important for good timber. eight houses, one forge and four workshops

Smith: journeyman, apprentice,
Shipwright: noble master builder and family
Craftsman: 2 carpenters, 2 woodcutters
Hunters (furs) 4
Fishermen (walrus ivory) 4
Trader (noble rep for Styraesmen), navigator, 2 helmsmen
Thrall female slaves (weaving, bed-warmers) 4
*no one that needs to return for the next year to harvest
*sails,ropes pre-made or else needed bring sheep for wool

01-05 Criminal or Exile | Viking Rank: Outlaw | Beggar, Magician, Outlaw, Seer, Shaman, Sorcerer, Brigand/Thief

06-25 Slave | Viking Rank: Thrall, Leysing | Craftsman, Farmer, Fisherman, Herdsman

26-80 Peasant | Viking Rank: Karl, Bondi, Hauldr | Craftsman, Farmer, Fisherman, Herdsman, Hunter, Huskarl, Skald, Trader, Warrior

81-100 Noble | Viking Rank: Landsmann, Styraesmen, Jarl | Explorer, Noble, Godi

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